What’s the difference between life coaching and therapy?

The difference is a matter of degree and focus. We all have our anxieties and rough patches; it’s all part of the human condition. But if we’re having a hard time moving forward because of them, and “getting better” is the main focus of discussion, then therapy is probably more appropriate. On the other hand, coaching is appropriate if we have the energy and motivation to keep moving forward despite our circumstances; and if the focus is on personal development rather than mental health remediation.

Having said that, we can still feel “stuck” at times while focusing on our personal development. In fact, this is a big part of coaching: to help stop the wheels from spinning so that we can move toward living the life we want to live.

How is the life coaching service structured?

Please read the description on the Life Coaching page and download the agreement form to understand how the services is structured. Also note that because of the fluid nature of your life, there is no specific predetermined process for each meeting. What you bring to the table each meeting is what we discuss, and the direction we go depends on how the conversation unfolds. Having said that, the overarching goal of every meeting is to “deepen the learning and forward the action”. This means that the ideal focus of each meeting is on discovering some new insight or understanding, and then ending with a specific action plan for you to carry out until we meet again.

How often should we meet?

The number of meetings we have and how often we meet is completely up to you. Many clients get what they need after 3 or 4 weekly or biweekly meetings, while others continue on a longer-term periodic basis as things shift and evolve in their lives. Others still may desire a single meeting only; just to brainstorm a specific situation and to help put things into perspective.

Coaching often works best in the context of the ongoing professional relationship. It affords you the regular opportunity to focus solely on yourself with someone objective who understands your processes and goals; and it provides the structure of continuity and accountability as you take progressive steps to meet your goals from week to week.

Where and when will we meet?

I am available to meet on weekends at a quiet coffee shop or in the comfort of your home or office. Meetings may also take place by phone if this is more convenient.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Cash, cheque, credit card, and Interac E-transfer are all accepted.